Mr. Miller Mr. Schulze
Original title: Herr Müller Herr Schulze

documentary film, 2006 / 30 min.
co-author, co-director,
director of photography, film editor

Produced by MovieBrats & Univ. of Applied Sciences Würzburg


Jörg Zimmermann is a one-man film production crew: He is director, cameraman, sound mixer, editor and actor in all roles at the same time. With his short films about everyday life in a fictitious paper mill he came to rather dubious fame on the world wide web. And at the same time gained new meaning in his life. But how do you actually become a one-man film production crew? And how do you handle an online cult following?

MR. MILLER MR. SCHULZE offers an intimate peek behind the scenes of "Germany's most famous extra" (quote from the discussion board of - a German online community for filmmakers).

A film by Hanni Welter & Alex Weimer

festivals & screenings

Shortfilm Festival Straubing, Nov 4, 2006
Oldenburger Kurzfilmtage, Nov 23-26, 2006
Int. Film Festival Würzburg, Jan 25-28, 2007
Nobudget Filmnight, Flensburg, Apr 12-13, 2007
Independent Days, Karlsruhe, Apr 18-22, 2007
plattform: [no budget], Tübingen, May 18-20, 2007
Werkstatt für Junge Filmer, Wiesbaden, May 25-28, 2007
Festival of Nations, Ebensee/Austria, June 17-23, 2007
interfilm, 23rd Int. Shortfilm Festival Berlin, Nov 6-11, 2007