Hard but fair?
Original title: Hart aber gerecht?

2 social spots, 2005 / 2x 45 sec.
co-author, director of photography,
producer, film editor

Produced by MovieBrats & Univ. of Applied Sciences Würzburg


Two social spots (45 sec. each) call attention to the introduction of a general tuition fee for university students in Germany.

Films by Hanni Welter, Alex Weimer, Grischa Witt

festivals & screenings

TV-broadcast (BR regional channel) - first run: Jan 24, 2008

Bonus track on DVD “Lokalizer - Pimp my Night, Gold Edition”
(Main Würzburg Productions, fall 2005)

Umsonst & Draussen Festival, Karlstadt a. Main, July 22-24, 2005
Int. Film Festival Würzburg, Jan 26-29, 2006
Jungfilmermatinee, Aschaffenburg, Feb 19, 2006
Schweinfurter Kurzfilmtage, Apr 13-14, 2006
20 MIN/MAX, Lange Nacht des Kurzfilms, Ingolstadt, May 12, 2006
Clip Award, Mannheim, May 31, 2006